A Forest Mighty Black – Mellowdramatic [1997]

A Forest Mighty Black is one of the few outposts for jazzy downtempo in Germany. Fronted by producer Bernd Kunz, the outfit debuted with “Candyfloss” and “Fresh in My Mind,” two of the first three singles appearing on Munich’s respected Compost Records label (also the home of recordings by Fauna Flash, Funkstörung, Beanfield and Turntable Terranova). A Forest Mighty Black gained praise for their refreshing blend of Brazilian and fusion influences with trip-hop, and appeared on several compilations from the Acid Jazz label. First album Mellowdramatic was released in 1997, followed one year later by Mellowdramatic Remixed. A Forest Mighty Black have also provided remixes of their own for United Future Organization, another electronic act notably influenced by the music of Brazil.

A Forest Mighty Black – Mellowdramatic [1997/1998]



Label: Compost Records – COMPOST 038-2
Format: CD, Album, Repress
Country: Germany
Released: 1998
Genre: Electronic
Style: Trip Hop

1  Minigame (3:56)
2  Duel With A So(u)l (5:11)
3  Everything (7:58)
4  Tides (5:09)
5  Duo Trippin’ (5:52)
6  Reflections Of A Fake Night (6:50)
7  The 9 To 5 (Is Killing Me) (1:20)
8  Fresh In My Mind (5:58)
9  Rebirth (7:19)
10 Till The End (3:24)

top shelf trip-hop. a-must-have. need i say more?

6 Responses to “A Forest Mighty Black – Mellowdramatic [1997]”
  1. liz says:

    I like this! Do you have an email where I could send you an mp3 of another trip hop band I think you’ll like?

  2. cheeba says:

    Essential, I agree! Also love the remix version of this album too. I posted a link to this page from my blog:



  3. Anonymous says:

    Pleas do you have a link where i can download this album?

  4. fnk4 says:

    just download the “mellowdramatic.rap” and then change it to .rar

  5. fnk4 says:

    A Forest Mighty Black – Mellowdramatic Remixed (1998)
    http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MFOOSBKT 59.16 MB

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