smoove – dead men’s shirts (2005)

Smoove is a producer of breakbeat and electronic music signed to Acid Jazz. Smoove has been on the scene for a while, as part of Ultragroove, Ashbrooke Allstars and producing for Rubberneck and remixing many well-known and lesser-known artists.
This album is quality. There’s so much diversity that there’s never the opportunity to be bored of any of the tracks and is exactly the sort of album you can wack on and not have to touch the stereo until it finishes. All sorts of styles are successfully covered and manipulated in Smoove’s own unique way. So much so that I’ve played the album to many people of various ages and tastes and NOT ONE person has failed to like it. It has universal appeal without compromising quality. There is a definite jazz/soul influence which fans of acid jazz will no doubt appreciate, as well as the brilliant hip hop-influenced track “As If”, which even non-hip hop fans will appreciate for the pure hilarity of the lyrics. via

Label: Acid Jazz
Catalog#: AJXCD 164
Format: CD, Album
Vinyl, LP
Country: UK
Released: 2005
Genre: Electronic, Jazz
Style: Breakbeat, Acid Jazz, Future Jazz

1. The Man with Two Watches (6:17)
2. Coming Back (6:26)
3. Big Balls (4:04)
4. The Revolution Will Be Televised (5:43)
5. Brownest Eyes (5:15)
6. Jacks Creation (3:45)
7. All this Love that I’m Giving (2:48)
8. As if (3:00)
9. Woman (4:38)
10. 4 Real (6:01)
11. Faraway (6:28)
12. Words (7:24)
13. Ceefax (4:44)


smoove – the revoulution will be televised official video

via justfunked and net2da.

thanx goes out to guma!

3 Responses to “smoove – dead men’s shirts (2005)”
  1. Chris Instrument says:

    Greetings, I’m a DJ and record collector from washington, DC. You have a nice website and a great taste in music. Here’s my latest project, “Places Everyone”. Please feel free to share and post this. Thanks for listening.



    1. DJ Alibi- One Day
    2. Breakestra- How Do You Really Feel (Cut Chemist Edit)
    3. Sound Directions- Forty Days
    4. RJD2- Chicken Bone Circuit
    5. KMD- Black Bastards and Bitches
    6. Spacek- Eve (J Dilla Remix)
    7. The RZA- Can’t It Be So Simple
    8. Darondo- Didn’t I
    9. Maker- Broken
    10. The Soultors- Stone Cold
    11. Malcolm Catto and the Keystones- Attack of the Killer Penguins
    12. Bronx River Parkway- La Valla
    13. Spanky Wilson and the Quantic Soul Orchestra- I’m Thankful
    14. The Bamboos- Tighten Up
    15. Lefties Soul Connection- Organ Donor
    16. The Pharcyde- I’m That Type of Nigga
    17. Red Astaire- Cop That Red
    18. Red Astaire- Hazlo Correcto
    19. Bozo Meko- Spread Love
    20. J-Live- Set It Straight
    21. Chris Instrument and Mr. Magic Discuss Artistic Integrity
    22. Suite for James
    23. Ann Peebles- I Can’t Stand The Rain
    24. J Rawls- A Tribute to the Beatnuts
    25. The Roots- New Year’s Eve at Jay Dee’s
    26. A Tribe Called Quest- Mr. Incognito

  2. smoove says:

    thanx for your support

  3. Hi, I’m seeking for rss feed of your blog, where it is?


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