VA-Disco Love by Al Kent [2010, mixtape]

Label: BBE, # BBE144CDG
Genre: Disco
Quality: VBR
Length: 156:23 min

CD1: Mixed
01. VA – Al Kent – Disco Love Mix (78:25)

CD2: Unmixed
01. Black Rock – New York City Bump
02. Smile Street People – Lyrso Disco
03. Sweet Daddy Floyd – I Just Can’t Help Mysel
04. Tomorrow’s People – Let’s Get with the Beat
05. Patricia White – Sweet Disco (Re-Edit)
06. Crosstown Traffic – Love Your Family (Re-Ed)
07. Bob Williams – I’m Alright
08. The Midas Touch – Nite Life (Let’s Get it on part I and II re-edit
09. Quinn Harris – I’ll Always Love You
10. JNB – I’ll Be the One
11. William V. Gee – Rockin’ on Down (Re-Edit)
12. Third World Connection – Hot Seat (Re-Edit)
13. Ross Carnegie & Co – Minor Disco (Re-Edit)
14. New Ghetto Express – Standing on the Verge

TOTAL LENGTH.: 156:23 min
QUALiTY……: VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / STEREO
SIZE………: 223,6 MB
COVERS…….: YES [x] NO [ ]
RLS.DATE…..: Feb-12-2010

this post is totally stolen from valeriosss @ funkysouls.

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