Berry Weight – 2010 – Music For Imaginary Movies

Berry Weight - Music For Imaginary Movies
Artist: Berry Weight
Album: Music For Imaginary Movies
Year Of Release: January 19, 2010
Genre: Trip-Hop, Downtempo
Bitrate: 320 Kbps


01- Yeti’s Lament 3:30
02- Equations (Feat Berry Weight Astrid Engberg) 4:02
03- The Day Nothing Happened 3:52
04- Walking By Your Side 4:43
05- Magician’s Assistant 3:21
06- The Lotus (Feat Berry Weight Astrid Engberg & ASM) 4:12
07- The Way Of The Dodo 3:15
08- Heart Shaped Rock 4:07
09- Krakatoa 4:31
10- Cowboys And Indians 4:02
11- Sky Below (Feat Berry Weight Astrid Engberg) 3:24

Music For Imaginary Movies Album Preview by Berry Weight or
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