2Tall – 2004 – Shifting Tides

2Tall - Shifting Tides

 2Tall  - Shifting Tides


listen (snippets): http://www.juno.co.uk/products/shifting-tides/169984-01/

listen to the whole album @ https://bleep.com/release/10227-2tall-shifting-tides

01.fingers                               [02:46]
02.shifting tides                        [03:46]
03.girl at the bus stop                  [03:48]
04.spirit,escape                         [03:26]
05.first thought                         [03:39]
06.push                                  [03:42]
07.rain (part2)                          [03:54]
08.the winter                            [05:26]
09.live at the headless                  [03:18]
10.record flows                          [03:28]
  (a suite for 11 turntables)
11.at the gates of love                  [05:57]
					 43:10 min
2-01 self doubt (bonus track)
2-02 coaster (bonus track)
2-03 crashing (bonus track)

*link offline*

2 Responses to “2Tall – 2004 – Shifting Tides”
  1. ryszaard says:

    Można prosić o reupa ? Płyta świetna, a nie mogę nigdzie znaleźć w 320 kb/s :c

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